About IEES

At IEES, we have always had an abiding belief that international education is one of the saving graces of our society. In these horrifying times of religious hatred, it is too easy to be intolerant of everyone who is "different." International education brings the world together in ways found in few fields of human endeavor. From scholarship and fellowship of the international community, with its myriad interactions of people of diverse cultures, come understanding, tolerance, and unity.

Our business exists to facilitate these interactions and this evolutionary growth of human cooperation. We are modest enough to realize our role in this may be small, but proud enough to see it as nevertheless vital. Without the protection we afford the students, faculty, and scholars who travel great distances to do their work, they might not be able to study abroad at all. It is our great good fortune that we are able to combine our livelihood with our passion for playing a role in the lives of this uncommonly adventurous community of people.

The opportunities for international scholarship and academic advance are perhaps the richest in the history of the planet. The tragedy in New York and Washington shows just how desperately those opportunities are needed. To those who are adventurous enough to continue this vital pursuit, we salute you, and we will do our best to support you.

David H. Hinchcliff
Founder, IEES
September 18, 2001

Note: David served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until his death in June 2002.