For Providers

International Educational Exchange Service (IEES) is a third party administrator and all claims and questions should be addressed to our office. The insurance company which underwrites the policy is BCS, however, please do not contact BCS as they will redirect you back to IEES.


Please be advised this policy does NOT require pre-certification for in-patient or out-patient services. It is not necessary to call our office for certification assurances.

Verification of Benefits:

Our office will verify insurance coverage during business hours. Please contact us via phone or email. Please be prepared to provide the Insured member's name, Group Sponsor, date of birth, and current mailing address. Please understand verification of coverage is not a guarantee of payment; all claims will be processed in accordance with policy provisions. All of the plans administered by IEES are indemnity plans which use Hygeia Corporation (First Health) as their Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Please note that all Insured Members are free to visit the medical providers of their choice. There are no PPO vs. Non-PPO differentials or co-payment penalties in any of our policies.

NPI (National Provider Identifier) Information :

Please submit this form to us to allow us to properly record your National Provider Identifier. Thank you!

Electronic Submissions:

IEES can accept Professional and Institutional claims electronically. We utilize a claims clearinghouse partner, Emdeon, for electronic claims reception. Electronic claims should be submitted through Emdeon, or a clearinghouse that has a relationship with Emdeon, using our electronic Payer ID: 16158. For assistance with electronic claims submission, providers should work with their practice management or medical billing software vendor and their claims clearinghouse, or call or e-mail us with questions.

E-Mail Contacts:

Claims Department (Verification of Benefits): Claims E-Mail

Claims Processing:

All claims are processed by our trained Claims Examiners, using internally developed software which handles both administration (roster processing, renewals, premium billing and reporting) and claims (evaluating the medical services provided and the amounts charged for them, generating checks, EOB information and relevant letters.) This software has been developed by IEES using the PL/B for Windows system from Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc, referencing the database of "Usual, Customary and Reasonable" charges from Captiva Software.  IEES will reprice bills from providers who participate in the Hydgeia/First Health network.   As our administrative and claims systems are fully integrated, our Claims Examiners have quick access to all insured participant information and are able to process claims promptly and accurately.

Claims Status:

You can check on the status of a previously filed claim by contacting our office by either phone or E-Mail. IEES takes great pains to maintain a turn-around time of 3-5 business days upon receipt of the claim. If additional information is needed, we will notify you by mailing a status letter to both you and the Insured Member. If the claim received is clean (no additional information required), you can expect to receive an explanation of benefits within 3-5 business days.