For Sponsors



An easy and ready to use template (illustrated below) can be provided to you for reporting the participant information. You may also use Word, Excel, Adobe or any electronic format of your choosing, as long as the required information noted below is included in your document. Enrollment information should be submitted in a timely manner to insure participants’ coverage. Benefits can only be verified after the enrollment rosters are received in our office. After all fields are completed, simply return the template, or your own format, to us via e-mail for downloading into our database.

Enrollment Form

This sample is available in MS Excel format here.

  1. Full Name
  2. Gender (Sex)
  3. Complete Date of Birth
  4. Effective Dates
  5. Country of Citizenship
  6. Identification Number (Sponsor ID, SSN, student ID, etc.)

Full Name: Please include the Surname and Given name for each participant to be insured. With each renewal, if applicable, the name must be in the identical format to avoid duplication. If a participant’s name needs to be corrected or changed, IEES should be notified immediately.

Gender: Specify male or female.

Date of Birth: When reporting this information, please use the Month, Day and Year format (mm/dd/yyyy).

Effective Dates: Report both the effective and expiration date of each insured. If everyone is covered for the same period of time, you can indicate the dates only once.

Home Country: Indicate the insured person’s country of citizenship or country of regular domicile.

Identification Number: The Identification Number is an extremely important part of the data necessary to properly insure your participants, and may be any length you desire. Groups sending US students overseas often use the Social Security Number (SSN), as it is unique and the information is already on file. If you choose to use the SSN, we suggest you keep the dashes in place to aid readability. Inbound programs often do not have a SSN and therefore are often assigned a unique identifier by the Sponsor. These numbers also assist us as an identifier and in locating duplication of coverage.


Instructions for a cancellation or change of coverage must be in writing from the group Sponsor. If a student contacts IEES requesting a change or cancellation of the policy, we will instruct the student to contact the Sponsor.


Invoicing is done immediately following the processing of the roster. We ask that the payment be made within 30 days from the date of the Invoice.


Extension to a student’s existing coverage can be submitted to us in the same manner as new rosters.


Early withdrawal from a program entitles the Sponsor to request the unearned premium (whole months) remaining under the policy. The request must be in writing from the Sponsor.



To meet the varying needs of the diverse groups we serve, IEES will provide administrative information to describe the policy's benefits and procedures for distribution to the insured participants.  This custom designed multi-page brochure with coverage details, limits and exclusions, will be developed in the form that works best for your needs: pre-printed, web-available, or in electronic formats that can be included in your own materials.


We have developed different styles of wallet-sized ID cards so they can be pre-printed with insureds' names or left blank so the insureds' information can be entered on-site at the time of enrollment.


Claim forms can be pre-printed in bulk, web-available, or released in an electronic format.